Either you have signed up for one of my customized health coaching programs, or you’re seriously thinking about it. Let me give you my first piece of advice: Start now!

Oh, I’m sure you’ve heard this before from a motivational speaker you watched online, or from the pursed lips of your former personal trainer.

But did you know that I can tell exactly what a client’s commitment level is just by listening to when they choose their start date? The closer the start date is to NOW, the higher level of commitment (and therefore, success) that client will experience.

So, for example, it is Friday night and you say, “I am going to reduce the number of cups of soda I drink from 8 cups a day to 4 cups a day.”

I say, “That’s a great place to start! You’d be cutting back on sugar, caffeine, and all those harmful chemicals. You are going to see big results just from that one change! When will you begin?”

You thrown out an, “Um…” while you think of the answer. Wheels are turning in your head. You have a wedding this weekend and a barbecue to go to. “Monday,” you say confidently.

That shows me a certain level of commitment, which is good. But if we are going to make lifelong changes, we have to acknowledge that there will *always* be weddings and barbecues to contend with and the sooner we start to discover ways to cope with these challenging situations the better.

I am always thrilled to hear my clients say, “I am going to do it starting right now!”  That shows me that they recognize that they’ve already spent years doing the things that make them feel sick and unattractive. Why continue doing those things for even one more day?

Here’s your first assignment:

What changes do you really want to make, but are afraid to start doing immediately? What is holding you back from starting right now? Fear of withdrawal? Fear of failure? Long-held habit?

Type your answer in the comment section below. You aren’t alone. It took me eight years to fully give up drinking soda and there are times when I still feel the temptation! Get honest about your fears and challenge yourself to dig deep.


What are you waiting for? Start typing right now! Lol!


Your Ivy League Health Counselor,

Melissa Martinez-Machado